Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Paint Debate

Picking paint colors is proving to be wayyyyy too stressful. Gray is such a tricky color. We have more gray paint samples that I know what to do with. 

Unfortunately no store in my area carries Benjamin Moore paint. So I'm having a few different places color match the colors I like. And yes I'm that neurotic that I'm having different places color match the same color to see which one matches it more closely. Yes I know this seems a little overboard, but hey thats how I roll. 

So anyway I think I've narrowed it down to either Stonington Gray by Benjamin Moore and Silverplate by Sherwin William. They are the two grays that look the least blue and the least purple. However, I swear depending on which room I have them in and what time of day it is they look completely different! 
Silverplate at the top and Stonington Gray at bottom. in the outside light 

And the paint under indoor can lighting. Silverplate at top and Stonington Gray 2nd from top. The bottom two colors are Gray Owl and Revere Pewter which I've def. decided are a no.

Another color I'm trying to decide on is a turquoise for the laundry room. I'm also debating what color to do the downstairs guest bath. I was thinking of doing a dark brown. But I may have talked myself into this crazy blue color. This is color matched Electric Blue form Benjamin Moore. Remember the color of Carrie's bedroom when they redid it on the Sex and the City movie? Yep that's it and I'm kind of loving it. I just don't know if I have the guts to do it in the bathroom. Maybe the laundry room instead? Hmmm...yep that's the sound of more indecisiveness. GREAT.

Here is a pic of her bedroom from the movie. 


I did nail down one decision over the weekend. A backsplash for the kitchen. Here is an idea of how it will look against the countertops and cabinets. (This is the color of our cabinets but not the door style.)

Hope you all had a good weekend. We celebrated Jason's birthday this weekend. It was pretty low key but we went to a really good dinner at Global Gourmet. I had never been there so it was nice to finally see what everyone raves about. It was pretty good!


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  2. Thanks Lori! The gray is pretty much everywhere. I have a bit of an obsession with the color I think! And yes we are debating on using more than one shade of gray, too. Hope you are doing well!