Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Tuesday Travels: Miami

     So I have been slacking a little on the blog this past week. Things have been a little busy with the house  and family in town. I actually wasn't even going to do a Tuesday Travels this week...then someone asked me "So where are we going this week?" Then I thought holy cow someone actually reads this so maybe I ought to do it! Ha!
     So here it is....Miami June 2008. In case you didn't already know, Jason and I traveled for 3 years for work. Our company moved us every three months or so around the country. One of those places was Miami Beach. Not a bad gig, huh? 
The view from the back of our condo

Checking out the Florida gators on a swamp tour
A little too close for comfort
I always thought these things only existed in the movies.....evidently not. 

Jason and his dad at the gator swamp tour

Jason and his brother, Brian
The Rimini family visiting back before I was a Rimini!

Jason's Birthday dinner at Emeril's restaurant in Miami

Had to watch the Cardinals play the Florida Marlins at Dolphin Stadium

I miss the fresh sushi! 

Corie and I swimming with the dolphins (Corie, you look so young!)

Outside the Versace Mansion on Ocean Drive in South Beach

My Mom and sister outside our apartment

Jason is such a good sport! 
Stay tuned later this week for some house updates and a little recap of our month of June.

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  1. I loved visiting Miami and Dallas. Mike still complains that he did not get to go to Florida. It was such fun visiting you while you traveled, but your family loves having you back to small town living.. xo