Tuesday, August 7, 2012

If I ever have to look at another chandelier...it will be too soon!

We now have all our lighting picked out and purchased. FINALLY. We have bought and returned more chandeliers than I'm willing to admit trying to make these decisions. Why am I so dang indecisive???

Anyway here is what we have...

This chandelier will going in the entryway. I actually ordered this, got it, didn't like it, returned it, decided I DID like it, reordered it, got it in the mail today, love it. And no I'm not kidding. 

This will be going in the stairwell that leads to the second floor bedrooms. This was ordered online, picked up at Lowes, lugged home, found out it was broken, and returned. Still waiting for the new (hopefully unbroken) one to get here. See what I mean by I NEVER want to purchase another chandelier again!

This will be going in the downstairs nursery. 

This is the pendant from West Elm for dining room

Also from West Elm....globe pendants for above the kitchen island.

And this last one is for the master bedroom. 

Jason and I never sleep with the ceiling fan on unless we plan on not being able to breathe for the next two days. I always wake up so stuffy when they are on. So chandelier it is. All the upstairs bedrooms will be getting boring old ceiling fans though. So if you are reading this and will be a frequent guest to the Rimini casa, don't worry there will be a ceiling fan to keep you cool. But, seriously....how DO you breathe the next day with those darn things blowing on you all night??? Hmmm.....maybe we just need to dust ours. OOPS! 


  1. Great choices Ashley! Especially love the two from West Elm. I know what you mean - we built and moved last May and there are a million decisions.

  2. Thanks Becky. I have checked out some pics of your house on your blog. It's beautiful!

  3. IN LOVE with the globe pendants! :)

  4. Love West Elm! They have the best decor!

  5. I love all of your choices!! I cant wait to see the finished product!