Monday, September 23, 2013

Update on Sleeping In Their Own Rooms

Its been almost a week of the twins sleeping in the nursery. They have done great. They have slept through the night every night. And I have managed to sleep in my own room as well :) The first night I had a little trouble. We have video monitors mounted above each of their beds. The monitor in our room has a split screen and shows both babies. It only kicks the sound on however when they make a noise. So it is silent normally, however when the babies move and fidget in their sleep it will kick on and make that light static like buzzing sound that most monitors make. So every time one of them would move I would wake up, which I normally didn't do when they were in our room. By the second or third night I relaxed a little and turned the volume down a bit and this didn't continue to happen. So all is well now and I think we are all a little better rested with this new sleeping situation. Don't get me wrong....I still don't like it. But I've gotten used to it. Keep in mind though the nursery door is literally 4 steps away from our bedroom door, so that helps ;)

So the day after they slept in their own room Little Miss Independent decided she was quite the big girl and thought she would show me just how big she was. She decided she could sit up on her own! She can now hold this for about a minute or two before she gets too excited and tips over, but hey, she's doing it!

This guy has his sister beat in the rolling department. He will flip over stomach to back or back to stomach in the blink of an eye. But sitting....this proves to be a challenge for this wild man. He can't sit still long enough to learn to sit up on his own! This picture started as him sitting in the nursery chair with his fox doll. By the time I snapped the pic he was wiggling sideways and kicking his feet against the chair. This one is gonna be a handful folks!

We have been ending the past few nights with a walk around the neighborhood. Mason seems to think about walks like he thinks about baths.... that is if you sit perfectly still and quiet and look ticked off it may end sooner. Madeline seems to like walks almost as much as baths. She is all smiles on them!

My goal for the week is to post their 7 and 8 month update pics and letters from Mommy. I took the pictures but never sat and took the time to write the post. I don't know what has gotten into me! I need to get on the ball! But if starting back to work part-time, starting a new business, and having two growing babies isn't a good enough excuse then I don't know what is.....Ya'll forgive me right?

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Slow Down!

Well tonight is the night. The night their cribs are moved out of our room and they are off to sleep in their nursery. Let the panic attacks begin. I have dreaded this day since our pediatrician stated she would like them in their own room by the time they were four months adjusted age (so 7 months old). Well here we are....8 months old and we are just now giving it a shot. I just wasn't ready before, nor am I ready now for that matter! So wish us luck. Because right now all I want is for this growing up business to slow down!!!!!