Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Avery 3 Months

My sweet Riri,
You are such a smiley, happy baby. The day (September 10th) you turned 3 months old you started giggling and laughing. I had to wake your Daddy up late that night so he could hear your first sweet little giggles. When you do get upset it's usually only because you are hungry or tired. A bottle or a quick nap always fixes your grouchy moods. Right after you turned 3 months old something seemed to click and you started sleeping through the night. You started going to bed at about 11 or 11:30 pm and not waking until about 7 or 8. This is much better than your previous midnight to 1 am parties then waking up again at 5 am. You seem to have figured out that nights are for sleeping! I started back to work 3 days a week this month. It makes me so sad to leave you on those days. You seem to enjoy your time with your Aunt Paula on Mondays, your Daddy on Wednesdays, and your Granny on Fridays though. None of us can imagine life without our sweet blue eyed girl. 
Love you to the moon,
Your Mommy

This has turned into one of her favorite toys...to drool and suck on!

With Daddy watching your cousin Khloe play flag football 

"Oh hey big sister!"
Running errands with Mommy

Avery loves to take a bath!