Friday, July 20, 2012

The house is coming..slowly but surely

     We have quite a bit of progress in the house. They are finishing up with the insulation and sheetrock. The finishing of the sheetrock and painting should be starting at some point next week. Now begins picking out paint colors. I have been dreading this for awhile! Paint colors=lots of decisions!

A pic of the sheetrock in the master bedroom. Love the tray ceiling my stepdad built in for us. 

A pic of the great room with the insulation and sheetrocker's scaffolding. I wondered how they were going to reach up that high! Glad i'm not the guy who has to climb up on that thing!

This will be the master bath shower. Jason is really excited about this I think. On the other side of that half wall is a bench. Jason hates to shower. Yeah, I know, that's weird. He says if he can sit down in the shower he will like to take them . Now Jason is by no means lazy...the guy works more than almost anyone I know. But come on....who needs a bench in the shower in order to talk yourself into taking one! Oh well he is getting the bench and two shower heads. He better enjoy to shower now! 

Speaking of Jason. He went and bought this recliner couch for his mancave last weekend. I must admit I really do like it. Mancave or not I think I may be spending quite a bit of time on it reclined back watching movies. Even the ottoman turns into a little gaming chair.

So for the longest time I was set on Carrera Marble countertops for the kitchen. I love the white with gray veining they have. So pretty. 

Well after much arguing debate with Jason and our cabinet guy we have decided its not the most practical thing to do. At first I was worried I was going to get the nix due to the cost of marble. I was actually surprised to find they weren't much more expensive than granite. However, they evidently require much more maintenance. We were told they have to be sealed twice a year and are easily stained and scratched. BUMMER! So finally I gave up. No more pretty marble countertops :( So I looked into granite but there really isn't a granite with a similar white and gray veining. Most granite looks more spotty. So after some research (AKA stalking home decor blogs and pinterest) I found a quartz counterop by Cambria called Torquay. It has a very similar look to the marble and since it is a stone material I love the feel of it as well. 
This is the sample I got from our lumber yard.

A close up I found of it online
A picture I found of the Cambria Torquay Quartz that somebody used in their kitchen.  
 We met with the landscaper a few weeks ago. Our back porch and part of the front porch is a little high off the ground. I showed this picture to him. I think it will help the porch not feel so high and it looks great!

Hopefully this weekend I can find tile for the master bath shower. I really like this tile. I'm hoping I can find something similar. This was from the app on my phone.

Well that's all for now! Hope everyone is having a great week!


  1. If that's the tile in the bathroom then I call bathroom as my room! That's gorgeous. long as Jason can't come in my room and use the toilet while I'm there.

    1. haha. well the toilet room is separate from the rest of the bathroom so you will be ok Liz!

  2. Looking good, Ashley!


  3. Coming together nicely.
    How was the othet trey ceiling ..
    mom and Mike

  4. I just started following you on Pinterest and popped over here to your blog, following you here now also. Your home looks like it's going to be gorgeous!!! I love your choice of countertop...I'm not a fan of granite so seeing someone choose something different is refreshing:)

    Victoria from

  5. It's looking great guys! You definitely have a beautiful home to look forward to! :)

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