Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Tuesday Travels


For Tuesday Travels part 2 I thought I would stick with the whole Cabo theme and post about our second trip down to Cabo San Lucas. Less than a year after our first trip down to Cabo we went back in June of 2010. And we went for a very special reason..... our wedding! But, this is not a wedding post. I'm going to focus just on the vacation aspect since I plan on doing a post about our wedding very soon in honor of our anniversary on June 3rd :) What made this trip so great (besides, ya know, the whole getting married thing!!) was that we got to go on an awesome trip with 40 of our closest friends and family. Who gets to do that?! We again stayed at the same resort, The Dreams Los Cabos.
Our friends Megan and Nigel, Kim and Harper, and my Uncle Tim and Aunt Christi came down a few days early to have some fun before everyone else arrived.
Kim and I on the balcony of our room

My best friend Megan (who is getting married in November!)

Out to Dinner

Probably ordering way too many cocktails!

Pile on! 

Kim and I before a night out

My Uncle and Aunt who came down early to help us celebrate!

My two best girls!

Sure we go down the slide after a long night out!
And this is why Megan was black and blue the next day! I guess the slide was a little slick!

My sisters (except Liz...where are you at Liz??) 

The littlest sis!

Gotta love a swim up bar and good friends!

Jason, his Dad, and brother

Oh Nigel...

A little taxi boat ride...

Me and my sisters taking in the scene at Lovers Beach

Brian, my new (at the time) brother-in-law!

Hey Erica how many cups did you break trying to do sake bombs that night?

Chasing the huge waves at the beach

What a great trip! Thank you everyone who shared that wonderful week with us!


  1. Love your blog! Where was the gigglin marlin? Xoxo kim

  2. haha! I conveniently "forgot" to put those photos up!