Saturday, May 19, 2012

Kitchen Inspiration

     I'm kind of an organized freak when it comes to this house. I have a small obsession with binders and clear page protectors. I've had a binder with torn out magazine pictures for years of ideas for this house. Then came Pinterest. Now along with the binders of pictures I also pin hundreds of pictures for inspiration onto Pinterest. Most of these pictures are of kitchens. I've always known I want a more modern feel with dark cabinets, light countertops, and long stainless steal modern hardware. So I thought I'd share a few pics of kitchens that are similar to what we have in mind for our kitchen.

These are the cabinet pulls we have picked out.

This is very similar to the Shaker style cabinets we have chosen.

This next picture I love. The dark espresso cabinets, long stainless steel hardware, and light countertops. We also plan on doing two frosted glass cabinets similar to the two below, however I think we will have them on each side of the range hood.

Love the backsplash in this kitchen and again the cabinet style and color.

So I know we want a double oven since we plan on all holidays with our large family being held in this house. So initially I thought we will do something similar to what they have in the pic here. Two ovens and a microwave in a tower. A lot of people keep telling us this won't work and the microwave will be much too high. I think it WILL work. I mean it looks fine in this pic! Besides Jason and I are both pretty tall. I don't want to lose any other cabinet space in the kitchen so I think above the ovens is best. I know a lot of people are doing microwave drawers low in their islands, but I have this fear that if Jason and I have any boy children they are going to be little terrors. I can only imagine what kind of mischief they will get into and I feel like I might just find the family pet in the microwave if it is low enough for them to reach!

 These are the globe pendants for above the kitchen island. We will have two or three lined above it. They are from West Elm. Why can't we have a West Elm store closer. And WHY does St. Louis not have one!!! The closest one is in Nashville, TN. I think we will be taking many trips there for furniture and accessories very soon. Even Jason (who does not share my love of home decor) was like "Woah, this store is pretty cool!"

 I also love this kitchen from
I love the pantry door that is dark framed to match the cabinets with a frosted glass door. We plan on doing this to our laundry room door that you can see from the hallway off the kitchen that leads to the laundry room, one of the back patios, the garage, and the stairs to the bonus room/"mancave". Since we have a pretty open floor plan you can see this laundry room door all the way from the great room so I thought it would look nice to do a little something different to it.

So thats it for now. I just hope the kitchen turns out as pretty as some of these pictures! We're gonna try!


  1. I too share your love for West Elm! Luckily we have one here...sorry there isn't one closer to you guys. Can't believe STL doesn't have one - they need to get with the program stat! :) Oh well, trips to Nashville will be fun! Also, the apt. I currently live in has the exact same cabinets you are talking about - tall, dark cabinets with the long, stainless steel hardware/handles...and they're gorgeous! Good only complaint is that I have the same ones in the bathroom, and all of cords always get stuck on the vertical handles...hate that! :P

    1. Oh no! I never thought about that in the bathroom. We are going to have the same handles there. May have to rethink that!

  2. Awesome kitchen inspiration! These are all really great!