Saturday, May 26, 2012

Poor Jason....

Before I explain the whole bonus room debacle, here is a pic of the windows installed to the front main section of the house. Getting most of the windows put in has been exciting! Not really sure why....but it just has been! Ha! But anyway see that open area to the right of this pic.....well thats where Jason's mancave should be WILL be. He says mancave. I call it more of a man loft since its not in a basement, however I've been informed that loft is not very manly sounding. So lets just call it the bonus room.

Windows! Yeahhh! The columns I ordered for the front porch and two back porches came in this week as well and should be delivered very soon!
Ok so I met with some of the builder guys yesterday to discuss the whole bonus room fiasco. Evidently from what I've learned is architects draw pretty house plans and don't really think about how truss companies and framers are going to actually build the darn thing and have it actually work. So the whole bonus room has been put on a bit of a stand still. It has something to do with the roof lines and gables and hips?!!! I really have no idea what they are talking about. Basically they tell me it won't work with the roof line or something. So after my stepfather and I met with them yesterday I think they have it all figured out. But.....Jason loses a few square feet off the mancave. Poor guy has been seriously worried lately that this room was going to get scrapped all together. Every day we go by the house he says, "ummmm why haven't they done anything to the mancave" or "why does it look like the whole rest of the house is getting finished except the ONE room I care about!" He wants just one room to, you know, drink beer with his buddies, watch football, and well...drink more beer with his buddies! 
So after they figured it out and changed just a few things we realized another problem. The room has its own stairway off of the back hallway to the laundry room and small pantry. The stairway, however, is going to make it very difficult/impossible to get large furniture up to the bonus room. The stairs are plenty wide, but there is a sharp turn at the top to enter the room. So sharp that they are telling me there is no way we will be getting a couch up there. I'm thinking Jason and his buddies are going to need more than just lawn chairs up there! And we also have to get a treadmill up there! So I'm thinking when the time comes we are going to have to take the window that will be to the right of the room out and use a pulley or crane to get the couch in OR buy some of those home movie theater seating couches that look kind of like recliners all connected to each other like a sectional. Hmmmm, might have to look into those. That might be a bit easier than taking a 2nd story window out and getting a large couch in that way. I bet the guys might like the whole recliner/sectional idea. 
The bonus room above the garage
Jason and I are still having the urinal debate about this room. The room has a small bathroom, just enough room for a pedestal sink and toliet. We added this so when he has friends up there watching the game they don't have to go tracking through the house to pee every five minutes (Justin this means YOU! Never seen someone who has to do THAT so MUCH!) Anyway, Jason's argument is that it is a mancave so we should put a urinal instead of a toilet in. Um.......EWWWW! Can you imagine having to clean that thing. GROSS! At first I was like NO WAY! But after some thought I have been considering it. I mean I have been making the decisions and getting my way on everything else in the house with no arguements from the poor guy. He has been such a good sport going with me to look at other houses for ideas and smiling and agreeing with every pin i post on pinterest and say "oohhhh look at this. What do you think? Isn't this a perfect look for this or that...blah blah blah." So do I let him have the darn urinal in the bathroom up there? I'm thinking there really does need to be a toilet also. I mean I will be allowed up there sometimes, right??? That's where my treadmill will be. I plan on doing my yoga and running up there. So can a girl get a toilet up there, too?! I think I may say ok to the urinal if and only if we can also have a toilet as well. What do you guys think? I just can't help being completely grossed out everytime I think about have a urinal in my home!!! Well maybe I'll be able to find a cute one somewhere. Do they make "cute" urinals? I'm also thinking Jason is going to have to learn to clean a toilet because I am NOT cleaning that thing. I repeat...I am NOT cleaning it! So what do you think? Am I crazy for considering this thing???

 P.S. Sorry for all the potty talk so early on a Saturday morning!


  1. My dad has a urinal in his house (in their finished basement area) and it isnt gross, but I think that is because no one uses it. I think you should let him have it, just make him clean it or pay for a cleaning lady to do it! The house looks great :). P.S. dont act like you do all this working out, we know you will walk up there to "run" on the treadmill and sit in that comfy recliner chair and watching Real Housewives or some crap!

    1. hahaha! oh alex that was the old ashley that could stay skinny and eat mcdonalds and never workout. The new (much older) ashley has to actually work out now. It kind of sucks. I much prefer the old ashley. So yes, unfortunately, i do actually run now. :(

  2. I dont know why it does not publish my name :(.
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  3. I have always wanted a urinal!

  4. So I tried to comment on this post earlier on my phone, but no such luck. This post cracks me up!! :) I think it's hilarious that he wants a urinal...not something you ever really imagine having in a house! But if Cody wanted one, I would totally make him clean it - good call! So glad to see all the progress that's going on :)

  5. When we moved into our house, we had the "nice" surprise of a urinal already in the main floor bathroom. Chris NEVER uses it. Never. Not sure why. Maybe because he knows he would have to clean it! We will hopefully be remodeling the bathroom within the next year, so the urinal will be leaving :) Love your blog!