Thursday, May 17, 2012

Here we go!

     Okay so here I go with this whole blogging thing! I've kind of gotten into following a few blogs lately and so I thought I should give this a shot. Now I totally get that I will probably only have like a whopping 6 followers (mom and grandma that means you). But anyhow since we have a lot going on right now with housebuilding and attempting to start a family I thought this would be a great way to keep our friends and family, especially those who live away from us, up to date with what we are up to!
     So this first post is going to be a bit of a catch up. Back in August we bought a lot in a great neighborhood in Carterville and after the winter was over and the ground thawed we got started building!
we have a foundation

This was the point where I was freaking out thinking ummmm this doesn't look big enough! Everyone then assured me that it looks much bigger after the walls go up. They were right and in a few short days the first floor was framed.
looking out of the breakfast nook

Then the 2nd story was framed (well partially.....we are having some issues with the truss company "forgetting" to build some of the trusses so they have only framed a few of the upstairs bedrooms until the rest of the trusses come in. But that whole disaster deserves its own post).

Then came the exciting part......the crane came and set the trusses. So this was where it hit me...holy cow we are actually building the house that we have had hanging on our fridge for the past three years. Yep, for three years these house plans have gone to a different fridge in a different city every time we moved for work. And now its coming to life! Yeahhhhh!!!
looking up from the great room to the balcony on the 2nd floor
So thats it for now. They are supposed to be delivering the rest of the trusses today and starting to frame the bonus room above the garage. Fingers crossed the truss company didn't screw this one up again. Grrrrrr. Check back often I plan on keeping the blog pretty up to date with the progress of the house and everything else we are up to :)


  1. Love it!!!!!!
    I will follow your blog!.
    The view from the upstairs is beautiful, I cant wait to see the man cave and the home come to life...

  2. I will try to be a non-family member follower, but I'm bad at phone calls, so we shall see! I'm impressed with the house thusfar, excited to service finished person maybe??

  3. Hey Ashley,
    Welcome to blogging! I love your title, it's so pretty. Congrats, also on building a house! I've been loving your "pins."


  4. How exciting! We can't wait to see ya'll and the house when we come home in July. It'll be a lot closer to your end product. We miss you guys!!! We'll definitely follow the progress...
    Love ya,
    The Texas Obies... Kate, Rob, Taylor, Hayley and Grandma Pat. (I'll show her the pics)

  5. Looking Great! what a great idea it will be fun to follow the progress.

    Love from the lake, Deb, Tom and Buddy

  6. Couple things; 1: I told you I would get on here, so here I am.
    2: Recently Rimini, clever name and I like it....
    3: This is actually pretty cool.
    4: I'm pretty sure I know where there is another one of those
    globe lights that would serve the same purpose as what you
    posted and would be much cheaper, and it's hanging in your
    That is all