Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Tuesday Travels

London June 2010

Last year for our one year wedding anniversary, Jason and I went on a 10 day trip to Europe. We started in London, then Paris, and lastly Rome. It was a dream vacation and we had a blast. So I thought I'd start this Tuesday Travels with the first leg of the trip: London. In all honesty London was our least favorite of the three cities. It was a lot of fun, but it kind of just felt like we were in a big city in America. Well, a big city in America where you drive on the wrong side of the road, talk with fun accents, drink room temperature beer, and eat the worst food (seriously the English do NOT know what they are doing in the culinary department. I mean come on, peas for EVERY meal?! Who does that?) 

The one thing they do well..... is drink. And that we did! 

Big Ben 
Big Ben and House of Parliament 
Westminster Abbey
Buckingham Palace
The London Eye


At a Roman Bath House in the town of Bath

Dinner with some friends we met on the trip! This vacation would not have been half as fun if it weren't for them! 
Out for dinner on Brick Lane. London is known for its Indian restaurants. Go figure!

Out at The Ten Bells. Its the bar where Jack the Ripper met his ladies to later take home and murder. I personally thought it was a fabulous bar. Not really sure what Jason is doing here. Evidently this is his "I'm a scary murderer" face?
I loved the cabs in London. They had back seats that faced each other so you were riding backwards! Its the little things I guess! ha! 

Just hanging out with the royals. No big deal. 
Fish and Chips and (shocker)....more peas

Nope, he wouldn't smile. He did sneeze though which I thought was hilarious. 

A Beefeater. Basically he guards the crown jewels. I don't think I was paying attention when they explained why they are named Beefeaters. I was on an educational and history overload on this trip. After a while you just start not to care and just want to look at the pretty building/statue/etc and snap a picture....and thats it!

Ran across this place one night after we were out. Who would have thought! We weren't even in Italy  yet. 
So that was London. Next Tuesday....Paris!

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  1. Y'all look like you're having so much fun. Can't wait to see Paris ;)