Thursday, June 21, 2012

Jason+Urinal=1 Ashley=0

Well, Jason and his urinal in the mancave win. I folded. We went and purchased the darn thing. Jason was wheeling that cart around the store with a big grin on his face. I wanted the automatic flusher for the urinal....I mean go big or go home, right? Jason wouldn't spring for it. He said the manual flusher was just fine. Lame! He is always the sensible one I guess. (Well wait, I guess anyone who requests a urinal when they have a perfectly fine toilet two steps away isn't really THAT sensible, huh?) As we left the store I told Jason I would start the cleaning lady search now and have her lined up for after we move in because I am not touching that.

We finally ordered the stone for the front of the house. I think I have changed my mind three times on this. After this last "decision" I told the guy at the lumber yard to just put the order in so I don't change my mind a fourth time. The very next day I had to go into the lumber yard to look at the shower heads for the master bathroom and caught myself yet again looking at different stone. I had to literally force myself to walk away. Certain things for this house I have had a clear picture in my head of what I want and can pick out and make a decision instantly. Kitchen cabinets, siding, windows....easy. This stone and the shingle colors...evidently not so easy. I'm scared for the day I have to decide all the paint colors.

I really like this tile for the bathrooms. It's a light gray with streaks of cream. I think I want to do this in long rectangular tiles instead of the square. Oh here we go again...another decision. 

And can you tell I'm really into gray? In tile and in the book ;)

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  1. Still can't believe you caved on the urinal. I WILL NOT let DraytonHarrison see this for fear he will insist on one in his bonus room or barn! I too love gray....and Grey!