Saturday, May 17, 2014

Swimming Lessons for the Twins

In February Mason and Madeline started an eight week swimming lesson class on Saturday mornings. The goal was to help Mason not be scared of the bath. When they switched from kitchen sink baths to bathtub baths, Mason let us know he was not a fan. For almost a month every time Mason had a bath, Jason got in the tub with him. After one just swimming lesson no tears in the bath!!! Success!

As the weeks went by and I got more and more pregnant, we had to call in Nana and Aunt Corie to step in for me in the class. A swimsuit at 6 months pregnant just didn't sound like a good time to me! But I think they had fun stepping in :)

Worn out after coming home from their lesson
So worn out that one day she couldn't even finish her bottle!

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