Friday, May 23, 2014

Easter 2014

We had an awesome and busy Easter weekend. 
We started the weekend with a breakfast with the Easter Bunny at Walker's Bluff. 

Not one tear with the Easter Bunny. Just a few strange looks...but no tears!
After a yummy breakfast and meeting the Mr. Easter Bunny it was time for the egg hunt. 


Loved that the morning was a family event! 
Of course on Easter Sunday the Easter Bunny dropped off his goodies. 
This Mickey and Minnie have turned out to be a big hit in this house. 

A few pics before church. And yes it is impossible to get them to both look at the camera. 

Hanging out with our best buddy Marlee outside of church. 

Marlee, Megan, and Mason
Sunday evening was spent with more family. 
Obviously Mason had a great, relaxing time hanging out on Papa's deck with a drink ;)

Love my nieces! 
More pics from our fun filled weekend! We spent lots of time outside this weekend, 

We had two worn out little ones after the weekend. 
Mason thought he'd end the weekend on the floor with his two new buddies. 

Unfortunately, the following week was spent with Mason getting a bad fever and awful cough, only to be topped by a middle of the night run to the hospital with Madeline for an even higher fever and some high pitched scary breathing. Turns out they both had croup. Yeah, no fun and pretty scary. Hate seeing my babies sick. But each got a dose of steroids and after a few days they were as good as new!

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