Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Tomorrow is the Big Day!

So tomorrow is it! We are finally getting to bring our babies home after 11 long weeks in the NICU.
Unfortunately Madeline decided she just couldn't quite go without bringing a little piece of the NICU with her. So we will be bring her home on a small amount of oxygen. If you remember my last post where the doctors were debating to put her back on it or not, it was decided that although she is able to maintain her oxygen levels most of the time without being on oxygen, when something small happens and her body gets the slightest bit stressed she just doesn't seem to have that extra little strength to overcome it without her oxygen dropping. So it was decided to put her back on a small amount of oxygen in order for her to be able to come home with her brother. They told us they don't expect her to have to stay on the oxygen for more than two or three weeks. The good news is though, with oxygen comes monitors and that means a little peace of mind for Jason and I.
So wish us luck! We are beyond excited and relieved to start this next chapter of our lives as a family of 4 all under one roof.


  1. They are beautiful and looking so strong and healthy! I am so so so excited for you guys. Have loved following along and rooting for those 2 cuties. Enjoy!! Can't wait to hear how they love being home!

  2. So happy for your family! When my girls came home after 7 weeks in the NICU one of them had to come home on oxygen and monitors as well. She was on it for about three months after discharge but at about one month post discharge was when we started to wean (like a few hours during the day at first, then only at night on it, then nothing!). It is a relief to have the monitors though!

  3. So happy you will be home for Easter. Mason and Madeline as well as their parents remain in my daily prayers. Thank you God for answered prayers for Mason and Madeline. Looking forward to seeing Homecoming pictures. They may need the police for traffic control at your house. God bless your family.

  4. Amanda was telling me about your blog of course I had to visit. As I walked in C-room this morning, I teared up not seeing Maddie-Moo's pink bird blankie and Mason's Dallas Cowboy's blankie. Obviously tears of joy, because I am so proud of your 2 little munchkins for growing so big and strong. I will always remember Maddie's chunky cheeks and Mason's stinky butt. They will always hold a special place in my heart, because well, they were my favorites (shhh, don't tell anyone :) Hope all is going well at home and that those babies are being snuggled more than they have ever been snuggled. Best wishes and don't forget to come visit!
    -Nurse Annie S.