Saturday, April 6, 2013

Home Sweet Home

Well we have been home for over a week now. All four of us under one roof and I am loving every minute of it. So before I fill ya in on how our week has gone I have to share two of the twin's newborn pictures taken by Jessica Hollis Photography. They had them done last Wednesday and Jessica was kind enough to post two sneak peaks on her Facebook page. (I will hopefully have them all within the next two weeks). I about died when I saw the two pics she posted! I can hardly stand the cuteness in these pictures! 

I highly recommend her to anyone in the area. She really took her time with them and was able to capture some great shots. I cannot wait until she has the rest of the pics edited! I'm dying to see them. 

As far as being home goes, the babies are doing fabulous. Developmentally they have made so much progress over the past week since being discharged from the hospital. We have also lowered Madeline down from the 1/8 of a liter of oxygen to 1/16 of a liter. We plan on dropping it down to 1/32 in a few days and then hopefully just taking it off. We actually had her oxygen off during their newborn photos and she did just fine without it. She is on such a tiny amount that Jason and I joke she is on the oxygen for more psychological reasons. Like she thinks she can't breathe unless there is two pieces of tape on her face! But I will admit I sleep much better at night knowing she has that heart monitor on to alert me if there is a problem (which since we have been home, there hasn't been!). 

Us as we are about to leave the hospital

Sad to say good-bye to two of our favorite nurses!

A few pics after we arrived home...

I somehow managed to capture Mason landing a right hook on Madeline. I thought I would get a few peaceful years before they started hitting and fighting!

We were so happy to have the babies home for Easter. Although we couldn't leave the house or have family over for an Easter celebration (as we are trying to limit them having contact with too many people so that we don't stress them out with too much activity or so we don't end up back in the hospital with an illness) we were happy to have the four of us together at home.

 The Easter Bunny must have visited all of Madeline and Mason's grandparent's and aunt's houses as well because they sure had a lot of baskets on Easter morning!

And now for a picture overload of our first week at home...

We had an eye doctor appointment in St. Louis last Monday. Jason and I survived the trip with two babies, two diaper bags, an oxygen tank, monitors, a breast pump, and one very large double stroller!  

Madeline at the eye doctor. I can't get enough of those chubby cheeks! 

Mason's cute little grin

Mason must have been hungry! 

Mason's first bath

Jason goes back to work next week. It has been so nice having us all together for the past week. Feeding, changing, and playing with two babies has been so much fun with Jason's help. It really hasn't been difficult to manage two babies at all. So lets hope I think the same when he goes back to work! Wish me luck! 


  1. These are the pictures I have been waiting for...the Rimini family HOME! I feasted on each adorable picture and your professional photographer did an amazing job. Can't wait to see the rest of them. You and Jason are amazing parents and this is now the start from Home Base that you have been praying for. Thank you for sharing these beautiful pics of a family we have been praying for since January. God is so good. Continued prayers for health and growth for your blessed Mason and Madeline. I look forward to following their growth. So very happy for you, Jason and your families.

  2. Where is this bath from? Looks great !

    1. Hello! It is from buy buy baby! Ive seen it lots of places though.