Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Good news, Scary News, and Other News

Believe it or not our little ones now weigh over 6 pounds. Actually as of Monday they both weighed the exact same 6 pounds 8 ounces. Madeline has now officially caught up in weight with her older brother (and by older I mean by 1 minute!). They actually look like chubby newborns and not skinny little preemies!

So the good news is last week Mason came off his oxygen and is breathing room air. This week he also came off his NG tube (feeding tube). He has been taking all his bottles now so there was no longer any need for the little tube in his nose. So that means Mason has no tubes or tape stuck to his little face! Madeline came off oxygen this week! She had a little trouble adjusting the first few days, but is now doing great off of it! Madeline has also been doing great with taking bottles. She occasionally is a little too sleepy to take them all but we are hoping she gets more consistent and they have talked about removing her NG tube possibly on Saturday. I can't wait to see her with all the tape off her face!

We have also found out that Mason will be having a small surgery on Friday. Mason has a right inguinal hernia and will have to have that repaired a few days before he is discharged. Hernias are fairly common in preemies and we have been told the surgery is a laproscopic surgery with a very small incision. Our only worry is that he will have to be put asleep for the surgery (which means they have to place him on the vent for the surgery). Mason has been doing very well breathing without any oxygen, so obviously we have some concerns about how he will do coming off anesthesia and taking the breathing tube out after the surgery. We are hoping it won't be an issue for him, however I have become so accustomed to worrying about these two that I'm kind of driving myself crazy thinking about how he will adjust after surgery. We are hoping and praying for the best of course!

Madeline still with the feeding tube, but no more oxygen!!!

Mason without his oxygen and feeding tube! 
So I'm trying not to get my hopes up too much but they have told us that if all goes well with Mason's surgery and he recovers quickly then he may be discharged as early as Monday or Tuesday. If Madeline can continue to show progress with her feedings and is able to take all her bottles there is a chance she may also be discharged along with her brother! If not she may have to wait until the end of next week. Jason and I are really hoping we will be able to take them both home on the same day. It will be so difficult managing with one baby back home and the other two hours away in St. Louis. I know it would only be for a few days, but we are so eager to have our whole family under one roof. Nothing about our pregnancy, delivery, etc has been "normal". So we are really hoping to have that "normal" homecoming with our babies. To leave the hospital with both our babies and come home and feel like finally we have our family together. But... if she needs a little longer here in the NICU, then we will make it work!

So get ready for picture overload. I haven't posted in a while so I have lots of pics to share! Most are from a few weeks ago so that is why some of the pics show them with their oxygen and tape!

Love how he has his hands folded

Mason loves his Curious George monkey

The Wubbanub Binkys are probably the best invention ever. They love them. 

They have had lots of visitors the past few weeks! 

Mason just waving hello! haha!

A saturday morning in the NICU

Their first St. Patrick's Day

 Cousins in their matching bows! 


  1. Oh gosh, so SO adorable! Twins are so precious, ahh :)

  2. One of my twin boys (born at 27 weeks 1 day) just had two inguinal hernias repaired in Friday at Mercy hospital in stl (he was the gestational age of almost 37 weeks). We live in Columbia and both boys were discharged last Thursday from our hospital there. It is definitely an adjustment keeping one baby out of the hospital and One baby in. Our son was not quite off oxygen before the surgery, so we too were concerned about putting him back on the vent. He was on it for about 12 hours post-op. It took him a few days to bounce back, but his feedings are back up to snuff and he is now off oxygen. We hope to have him discharged on Friday. If you go to Mercy and don't have family in stl, their Ronald McDonald house is amazing! So glad to see your babies' great progress- hopefully you will all be home soon!!

  3. I just look at their pictures with tears in my eyes praising God and everyone involved in their development to this point. It's hard to believe they were ever as small as they were. They are so fortunate that with all you have had going on that you have kept up with notes and pictures and will appreciate this in the years to come. May Mason be blessed with an easy surgery and recovery and may you bring them to their home soon. Continued prayers.

  4. They look so good, Ashley!


  5. I will be all hands on deck to help when you're family comes home! You may have to kick me out!!! Prayers as always! Love Auntie V