Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Our Very Merry Christmas 2014

Despite the tears in the above pictures we had a pretty great Christmas in the Rimini House. Even though we had to put our Christmas tree on the balcony to keep little hands from destroying it!

Our pictures with Santa were taken at Walker's Bluff Breakfast with Santa. I promise the kids had fun...despite the tears. But let's be real, who doesn't love a crying Santa pic? 

Aunt Kaci and Avery at the Breakfast with Santa

The kids also went to The Elk's Christmas party with their cousins, Granny, and Grandpa.

And a few pics of the twins at their school Christmas party!

Our Christmas Eve started at my Great Aunt's house for yummy food and presents. 

Then we headed back to our house with some of our family to decorate Santa cookies and read The Night Before Christmas, which is a tradition in our family. 

Since it was Avery's first Christmas, Jason and I got to read the book aloud this year to her. 

All the kids looked so cute in their matching Christmas pajamas. 


After a quick family pic in our PJs, it was off to bed!

Christmas morning was spent with Jason's family opening presents, 
eating breakfast, and maybe a mimosa or two ;)

The twin's really liked opening presents! 
Now anytime they see a box or bag they yell, "Yea! Presents!"

Big boy undies, Mom?! Really?!

That afternoon all the rest of our family joined us for, you guessed it, more food and presents. 

Aren't the dresses my sister made the girls adorable?
 Poor Madeline had about enough of the pictures at this point. Sorry kiddo. Get used to it, sista. 


Mason and his fro. He got his first haircut shortly after Christmas. Poor guy has the curliest hair!


The day after Christmas was our last party at my Dad's house. I was pretty sad it was all over :(

We hope you all had a very Merry Christmas as well!

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