Thursday, January 8, 2015

Our Fall 2014

Fall started with a few big changes in our house. My maternity leave ended September 1st and it was time to return to work 3 days a week. This meant Avery would be staying with family two days a week and the twins started daycare twice a week. 

First Day of School!

Painting at school
An afternoon at Mama and Papa Patterson's house:

 Fall means football season!

This face shows how she feels about watching football! Ha!

After we picked out our pumpkins, we decided we would paint them this year. 
It was only after we decided this that I realized we only had green, pink, and blue paint. 
Not exactly Halloween colors, but they were pleased just the same ;)

Trick-or-Treating! Dorothy, The Scarecrow, and Cowardly Lion

The cooler weather and starting daycare meant a lot of sick days 
and quite a few doctor's visit and one very scary trip to the ER. 

Breathing treatments at home now :(
But fevers mean you get popsicles!

November started with the twins being flower girl and ring bearer
in their Uncle Brian and Aunt Kendra's wedding. 

And a few random pics to finish it off...

This picture cracks me up. Not just because of Mason's adorable smile,
but because Madeline is wearing a bucket on her head in the background!


  1. They are all beautiful!! So much fun! And busy household you must have! :)

  2. Your children are everything they should be..happy, healthy and blessed with parents who put them first. I look forward to their updates and continue to keep them in my nightly prayers.

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