Wednesday, October 24, 2012

15 weeks baby bump

Since I will be 16 weeks tomorrow I figure it's time to get on the ball and post my 15 week baby bump pic. 

Baby Size: The twins are each the size of pears and are able to rub their eyes, yawn, blink, and hiccup!
Total weight gain: 13 pounds. It's funny at the beginning of week 15 I had numerous people tell me "you are so tiny for being this far along with twins. I was wearing maternity clothes with just one at this point." Toward the end of this week this conversation has definitely changed. Now people are stopping me saying "oh wow you have a belly now!" or "oh my you have really popped out overnight" Ha! how quickly that changed huh! I guess you can say the bump is now in full effect!
Maternity clothes? Still not yet but let me tell you the hair tie I have looped through that button hole is stretched. Like to the max. And so I'm afraid the time has come to order some maternity clothes. Like now. 
Sleep: The When You are expecting Twins, Triplets, or Quads book that has became our bible lately has informed me it is now time to sleep on my left side to ensure good blood flow to the babies. Which has been just fine for me. I usually only sleep on my side. 
Miss Anything? Not really! Just happy to be pregnant and growing!
Movement: Still no. I sooo want to feel those little ones move around. 
Food cravings: So I've never been a big oreo fan. But for some reason Jason had been buying them lately and let me just say I evidently do not hate them anymore. 
Anything making you queasy or sick: The thought of having to wear maternity clothes?? ha!
Gender: We have a doctors appointment next week so I'm hoping that just maybe I can sweet talk the doctor into taking a peek to find out what they are.
Symptoms: The headaches are much better this week. The other day I said to Jason, "My hands are a little swollen...thats weird." He immediately responded, "Ashley, you're pregnant...I think you keep forgetting. Weird stuff is going to start happening."  ...oh yeah, oops!

Here is a quick pic from one of the apps on my phone that shows what the babies look like in there at 15 weeks. I think they already looked so cramped! And we still have a long way to go! Poor little bugs. 

My friend Brittany and I at a wedding this weekend as she was loving on the babies. 

Hope everyone has a good rest of the week! I will be 16 weeks tomorrow! It's honestly is flying by!

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