Sunday, October 14, 2012

14 Weeks Baby Bump Pics (and 11,12,13 weeks!)

I am now 14 weeks so it's time to play a little baby bump picture catch up. So here are weeks 11-14!


Here are sonogram pics from week 13 


Baby Size: The twins are each the size of a peach
Total weight gain: 11 pounds. The baby books tell me to expect to gain 45-50 pounds with my frame and twins. HOLY COW! That seems like so much! Jason just today (who was reading one of his expecting twins books and two iphone apps) informed me that I should have gained 14-18 pounds by this point. I assured him that 11 pounds was plenty (I mean my Lord I'm only 14 weeks and feel as though 11 pounds is a LOT!)...he disagreed and immediately left for the grocery store. He returned with peanut butter crackers and two things of ice cream. He said the book said that ice cream was good for me to eat because it has a good amount of fat and is full of calcium and that the books say at 14 weeks 14-18 pounds is normal. So lets just say I took down a big bowl of ice cream tonight. I mean come one...twist my arm :)
Maternity clothes? Not yet. My skinny jeans still fit if I use an elastic hair tie through the button hole! But not sure how much longer this trick is gonna work. I swear every day I wake up the bump looks a little bit bigger so I'm afraid maternity clothes are in my very near future!
Sleep: The first trimester I swore these babies were sucking the life out of me. I tired to come home and take a little nap every day after work. But since I've gotten into the second trimester I have a little bit more energy and don't feel the need to nap like I did, 
Miss Anything? Actually the only thing I really miss is lunch meat! A hard salami sandwich or a Jimmy Johns Beach club. But no lunch meat when your prego so veggie subs it is. BORRRIIINGG.
Movement: Not yet but my doctor has said with twins you feel movement much sooner since they are so smashed inside there. So I'm hoping I feel them move soon! When we have ultrasounds they move around and kick and wave like crazy. Especially Baby B. I think Baby B is going to be our wild child. 
Food cravings: Not really. I kind of craved salty stuff for a while, like salt and vinegar chips. Now I kind of want sour stuff. I've been eating a lot of pink lemonade jolly rancher suckers. But I wouldn't really call any of this cravings because I swear I've always been the type to crave things, even when I wasn't pregnant.
Anything making you queasy or sick: I was extremely lucky to not have even one bit of morning sickness the first trimester. Not one day of nausea or sickness. I really lucked out there. The only pregnancy side effect (besides the fatigue and growing belly!) that I've had is terrible headaches. Like serious headaches. UGH. 
Gender: I wish we knew!! I'm hoping since we get ultrasounds a little more often since we've got two in there that we find out a little earlier. But that may be wishful thinking. 
Symptoms: Just the headaches :(
Mood: Wellll.....Jason said a few weeks ago that he thinks I've been more normal and calm pregnant than I was on all the hormone medications and fertility shots. But I'll be the first to admit that the week we finished up building the house and moving was a very, errrr, how should I say this....trying week for me. I am so ready to just be pregnant and not be pregnant while going to fertility appointments out of state once a week, planning bridal and bachelorette parties, picking out house stuff, calling contractors, and moving! But we are now officially moved and things have calmed down. 
Looking forward to: Feeling the little ones move! 

Now that we are all moved and finally have our internet up and running I promise much more updates! And I plan on posting later this week about our move! It is so great to finally be in the house we have worked so hard on the past 6 months!


  1. Love you Blog.. Your home is beautiful, baby bump is so very awesome and picture are beautiful.

  2. Love it! I can't wait to see if you hv your hands full with princes or princesses... Or one of each! I'm with Jason... Eat up... Your metabolism is so fast you need all the extra calories you can consume!

    1. I know I can't wait to find out too! Soon I hope!

  3. Love this, Ashley! Please keep these kinds of posts coming.


    Oh, and Jessica and I started a new blog that's still kind of under wraps, but I thought I'd share.

  4. Wow this sounds exactly like me except I'm losing weight and am still vomiting about 4,5,6x a day!