Friday, May 8, 2015

Valentine's Day, Easter, and Spring 2015

Valentine's Day was a lot of fun in our house this year. Dressing up in red, making cupcakes, and Valentine's cards made for a fun week. 

Their Valentine's Day PJs. Not sure what the rule is with boys in hearts so we went with stars for Mason! ;)
The Twin's Valentine's for school and gifts for their beloved teachers. 

Making Valentine's Day cupcakes....or "cake cakes"

 Heart pancakes for breakfast...

The Twin's started a new school in February 3xweek as well. We have been so pleased with their new daycare and teachers. They love it!

Unfortunately the first day of the new school came the realization of Madeline's peanut allergy :(
Her favorite phrase now is "NO Peanuts!" 
Spring was also a rough month for illnesses. We seemed to be at the pediatrician once a week with one kid or the other....or the other! These three may not share toys well. But sharing germs and illnesses seems to be quite easy. 

Avery wasn't sick this day. Mason thought he'd try to change that.
But being sick means you get to sleep in Mommy and Daddy's room.
So Madeline seems to think that maybe being sick isn't too bad!
In March we took the twins to The Magic House in St. Louis while Avery 
had a day with Grandma and Grandpa at home. The twins had a blast!

Give this kid a broom and he is a happy little boy!

After the Magic House we stopped by our favorite pizza place in St. Louis, Pastaria. 
We had to cut the end of meal short when we caught Mason 
coloring the wall above the tile with a green crayon. 
Oops! Check, please!!!

 Easter 2015

Breakfast with the Easter Bunny at Walker's Bluff. Madeline was less that thrilled. 

The Big Potty Training Weekend!!
Throwing away their diapers!
Cute new undies!
Maybe if we stick our hands in the rain it will make us have to pee ;)

Although it was a long three days for us all, it was worth it!
Still wearing pull-ups at naps and at night, but they seem to have the potty thing down!
And a few more pics of our Spring...
Books before nap time 
You never know what your going to get with Madeline's bed head!

Giving Madeline a quick hug so he doesn't get in trouble for the slap on the head he also just gave her

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