Thursday, November 13, 2014

Madeline and Mason Summer 2014

Playing a little blog catch up and sharing some pics of Madeline and Mason's summer fun!

Playing at the park
Madeline loves the swings, hates the slide. Mason loves the slide, hates the swings. 
Are we sure they are twins?! ;)

In July Madeline and Mason were flower girl and ring bearer in their Aunt Kaci's wedding! They did such a great job and made it all the way down the aisle all on their own! Except Madeline had to stop a few times to smile at everyone. 

Trip to the St. Louis Zoo
(on the HOTTEST day of the year of course)

The elephants were their favorite!

Wearing their new shirts from the zoo
We also made a trip to Nashville to visit Megan, 
Nigel, and Marlee and visited the Nashville Zoo. 

Hanging out with their cousins.....

An evening on the lake

Early summer playing with their water table.

Bath time has become a favorite!

Cooling off in Granny's pool

They also discovered their love for shopping this summer!

 Visit to Nana and Poppa's house!

This summer we also went back to St. Louis Children's Hospital where the twins stayed for 3 long months while in the NICU to donate to the Ronald McDonald Family room. With the help of Granny and Grandpa and other friends and family, Mason and Madeline were able to donate a check and huge bags full of soda tabs as a thank you for all the hospital has done for our family. 

The end of summer also meant saying goodbye to all of our therapists. Right at about a year old the twins started Physical Therapy a few days a week to keep them on track with all their milestones since they were born so early. What started as just physical therapy grew to occupational therapy, developmental therapy, and speech therapy as well! (Hey what do you expect when both of your parents are physical therapists?! The more therapy the better in our eyes!) 
By the end of this summer we had to slowly say goodbye to each of those therapists, Ms. Scarlet, Ms. Jill, Ms. Stacie, and Ms. Amy. We tried to keep them as long as we could, but as you can probably tell the twins were all caught up and running and talking up a storm. We owe this to these great therapist that came to our house every week and worked with the twins. I think they were as sad as we were to say goodbye. We can't thank them enough for all they have done! 

Ms. Scarlet
Ms. Jill 
Of course the best part of the summer was 
meeting their new baby sister, Avery Olivia Rimini.

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