Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Slow Down!

Well tonight is the night. The night their cribs are moved out of our room and they are off to sleep in their nursery. Let the panic attacks begin. I have dreaded this day since our pediatrician stated she would like them in their own room by the time they were four months adjusted age (so 7 months old). Well here we are....8 months old and we are just now giving it a shot. I just wasn't ready before, nor am I ready now for that matter! So wish us luck. Because right now all I want is for this growing up business to slow down!!!!!


  1. To cute and I'm happy you waited a little longer.. But I'm sure Moo-Moo will be all cozy in her crib.. can't wait to see them sleep in their own room..
    Love you Mase-face and Moo-Moo
    xoxo Granny

  2. I think it will be harder on the parents than Madeline and Mason. :-) I still look back at their newborn pics and am amazed what a miracle they are. Enjoy them, for they grow up quickly as you know. Thanks for sharing.