Friday, September 7, 2012

The Countdown to Moving In Begins

We have a set move-in date! The first of October can't come soon enough! 
Our cabinets and most of our appliances were installed this week. We still are waiting on the range hood and still need to install the cabinet hardware/drawer pulls. 

The island in the kitchen and wine cooler.

Crown moulding in the dining room. Don't have the wainscoting up yet in here. 

They just started adding some of the stone to the front of the house.

Stripes in the nursery

This coming week they will start installing the hardwood and stair rail on the balcony and stairway. 
So hopefully everything stays on schedule because I'm getting awfully anxious!


  1. I love your floors and the stripes in the nursery!! Exciting!!

  2. The stripes, the floors, the wine cooler ahh perfection!!!

  3. Thank you! It's coming along!!! Patience is not my best quality!

  4. My, those stones installed on your home made the front exterior look better. That will make the wall extra durable and more resistant to different weather conditions and any sort of impact. This project is exciting! It’s just like watching a movie sequel. =)